About Us

inc. Productions is a modern digital marketing and video production agency led by Jeremy P. Carter and David A. Castro. 

We specialize in creating marketing strategies that get more eyeballs on our client’s business ads, socials, and websites… and creating scroll-stopping video content that gives them the best chance of people liking what they see when they get there.

Our mission is simple: Every business needs new customers. Grabbing people’s attention is only getting more competitive and harder to stand out. We believe in bringing the craftsmanship and sophistication of traditional filmmaking to generating engaging, repurposable, and ROI-focused content for a fast-paced, quality-starved internet and social space. 

If this sounds like something you need, or you’re just curious about potential collaboration, send us a DM and we can set up a quick free consultation to see if we can help. Spoiler alert: we pretty much can. 


Our Founders

Jeremy P. Carter


An award winning filmmaker, and creative wave of a person, Jeremy has been classically trained in film school at the prestigious and highly decorated academy DePaul University Chicago. Whether he's thinking furiously about how to subvert expectations, or making "L"s with his hands doing that thing that directors do, you know he's going to create something magical.

David A. Castro


A trained chiropractor with a creative mind, David has been using his talents for decades. Self-taught in the field of cinema, you may catch David dancing in an area where there's no dancing, or holding a camera while performing some sweeping motion that draws attention to his directing style. Don't worry - he needs that attention.